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The Farm

A man and wife endure life’s disappointments and joys together, after inheriting an insolvent farm from a tragic death.

Chicken House

A subversive comedy about three small town actresses taking in a mysterious new roommate from LA.

She’s the Eldest

Three eccentric siblings return to their childhood home to reconnect but end up digging up the past of their parents’ mysterious disappearances.

The Mass Shooting Monologues

A series of monologues where teachers and students try to understand what took place after a high school shooting stemming from bullying.

Adventures of the Crystal Skull

On a school trip at the local museum, class troublemaker Scott Collins experiences a bizarre psychic connection with one of its artifacts – a skull. The creepy skull allows him to for-see his grandmother’s death. Of course, nobody believes him,…

Mount Adams

A team of UFO investigators find themselves fighting for survival as alien monsters hunt them on the slopes of Mount Adams.