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HipBeat is an empowering and compassionate debut that follows a young man searching for his identity in Berlin, a journey of self-discovery that takes him from anarchy to embracing love within the LGBTQ+ community, with the help of an encounter…

Life on the Rocks

FIVE DIRECTORS tell FIVE STORIES Meet their “characters” at a local bar – where they find love, misfortune and redemption.

Max Bishop

An out of work hitman finds employment as a janitor at the local elementary school.

Get Luke Lowe

Two women abduct an alt-right online troll in an act of vengeance but it doesn’t go to plan.


Two gangsters kidnap a psychic to find out where the man they murdered buried the loot.

July Rising

When sixteen-year old Andy inherits her grandfather’s orchard and becomes the ward of her aunt from the city, she must navigate the path to her future from a small town where choice and agency have never been options for young…